Steven Jones
User Experience Specialist

Sky Bet

Aging technology, growing tech stacks and outnumbered with developers, the challenge was set to produce incremental improvements to one of the UK’s favourite betting apps. Introduced as the first UX/UI Designer within the my account & app team, features and new pages would often be released without any quality control, nor alignment with the wider business which would cause usability problems for the customer.

I would later be promoted to the flagship Sky Bet product to lead Workshops & Design Sprints, to bring product marketing and technology together to ideate new feature improvements and determine how we could test and experiment early to prove value potential.

Facilitating a Personas workshop to ideate who our primary audiences are for in-play football betting

Bet History Redesign

Launched a market leading experience to the most visited page on Sky Bet besides the homepage. The complexity of the design included 40+ states and business logic, creating an enviable design challenge not for the faint hearted. Since launching, a considerable increase in social shares of bet slips was seen increasing brand reach and bragging rights for customers, while reducing the amount of customer contacts related to status and payouts of bets.

The complex task of designing for many states, while increasing value perception to the customer

In-Play Football Discovery Workshops & Design

User Interviews and testing for a new In-Play football betting experience, which included Q&A, Card Sorting & Prototype Usability Testing. Multiple iterations throughout testing lead to an 'information snacking' experience to be launched:

In-Play football betting options

Team form & Head to Head record

Showing who's on top

League Tables

AB Testing

Experimenting new feature ideas that would become multi-million pound revenue earners with very little investment from the business. The most notable successes were a new Quick Deposit feature and registration form improvements to increase conversion. Discover more below.

Quick Deposit

It’s a simple equation, the more money deposited into a customers account, ensures more available funds to be spent, resulting in significant revenue gains to the business. To achieve our goals, we focused on usability gains of reducing the amount of clicks, page loads and cognitive load for customers to deposit funds.


Increasing new registration conversion through tweaks to the existing flow would provide significant reductions in cost per acquisition, especially when multi-million pound ad campaigns were run throughout the year.