Steven Jones
User Experience Specialist

LG Electronics

LG, a market leader in electrical goods, required a major re-design to their flagships site, most notably to introduce eCommerce functionality for their consumer facing website, while improving the overall user experience of the B2C & B2B websites.

The first engagement for Tigerspike in South Korea gave the opportunity to lead a new team of 7 designers, brought together from Tigerspike’s global resource and based for 3 months in the Singapore office. The LG Headquarters in Seoul housed the primary stakeholders and a challenging time difference to contend with for our secondary stakeholders based out of the United States HQ ensured the team were always on their toes.

The schedule of deadlines & people planning calendar, alongside the mammoth backlog of required designs.


The project kicked-off with a packed 2 week schedule in Seoul, engaging with stakeholders through workshops to discover the business goals and ambitions for the project, learn of the technological limitations that would be encountered while implementing the new CMS and to begin piecing together the complex IA & User flows for the B2C & B2B websites.

An extract from the Information Architecture, explaining how page types would be categorised for scalability.

Once the team arrived back in Singapore, we had gathered knowledge of the business goals, received sign off for the IA and user flows. The next major undertaking was to begin wireframing all major pages, with a challenging deadline of 5 weeks to gain sign off for 60 page templates, including amendments and user testing the key flows internally to ensure ease of use before embarking on the UI phase.

The wireframes were showcased to the working group of stakeholders weekly, to share rationale for key design decisions, related to the business goals we discovered during the kick-off.


The project had major challenges throughout, with thick and fast deadlines, a new team created for the project, some members of which working remotely in different time zones and most notably communicating remotely with non-native English stakeholders. The challenges encountered were improved greatly throughout, all communication was funneled to myself, where I would present our designs and achievements to keep a consistent clear message, internal Q&A gatekeeper, added more regular touch points with stakeholders.

Here's the team celebrating the final design delivery.

Nothing more than good old fashioned grit and determination from the team ensured we prevailed as a strong unit.

The team achieved an incredible feet of 60 page templates designed, a style guide & content creations guide were produced... all within 2 months period. We hit every major deadline we committed to, without the need for late nights or overtime and the client was extremely pleased with our efforts, most notably providing sign off for the major pages to begin the development phase on schedule.

The website is due to launch in April 2019, so more in-depth photos to follow.